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Socialisation Sessions

Socialisation Sessions

After such a tough couple of years for everyone and their dogs’ and puppies’ I am offering socialisation sessions to try to help people get back into the swing of meeting and greeting safely. Please contact me for the date of each one as I will run them when enough people have expressed an interest.

These sessions are open to anyone who wishes to come along with their dog or puppy to safely socialise with others under my supervision. There will be fun exercises to do throughout the session. It is not a free for all to just let your dogs or puppies off to run wild though as it is important for all to learn how to meet, greet and play and some people will be coming along with nervous dogs or puppies so full respect for everyone must be applied.

These sessions are for dogs who are already trained but not had the chance to socialise lately and puppies who have already attended a puppy course, which does not have to have been mine. You must be able to already lead your puppy on a lead and demonstrate a reasonable control with them as these sessions are not to replace a puppy course. The idea is to be able to use a safe secure place and my equipment to allow your dog or puppy to interact with others and I will be here to supervise and show you games and exercises to do to stimulate your dog or puppy and practice with getting them to be able to socialise with others but also to focus on you the owner.

Every dog or puppy should have the chance to spend time with others and it is important for their mental well being to have this time. It is also key for you as owners to know how these interactions should occur safely and how and when to step in and correct any behaviour that may cause problems. After all we, as owners, have a responsibility to make sure our beloved pets are mentally happy and behave in a manner that allows for everyone to be relaxed in all situations and have a lovely play time for our pets.

I am happy should your child wish to handle the family dog or puppy but anyone under the age of 16 yrs must be accompanied by and adult.

Please bring with you poo bags and a short walking lead , no extendable leads and maybe a few treats in treat bag so that none can fall out on the floor and cause any issues.

There are water bowls available. There will be a limit of 10 people per session and please arrive only 5 mins early. Sessions will be cash on the day and must be booked in advance please.

When you arrive please wait out the front and keep a good space away from any others and do not let puppies or dogs jump all over other puppies, dogs or people. I will come out and let you in when everyone has arrived. Thank you .S


70 – 80 Port Road

New Duston