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Obedience Course

Obedience Course

This course is a three week course held inside a very large garden which is fenced off from the carpark and has lovely trees around the boundary. It is payable by bank transfer at the time of booking on to the course. Please contact me to find out when each course starts as I will aim to run them continuously back to back throughout the year but may have change the start dates for different reasons . The first one should be starting on February 15 th.

I will be showing you how to gain your dogs’ or puppies’ focus whilst there are distractions, asking them to go and retrieve things at distance past triggers, sit and stay at distance, learn verbal and non verbal communication, send away from you and return to you on a long lead, call away from an item or another trigger and return to an indicated side, walking calmly past items, change sides whilst walking, Stop and Stay at increasing distance, to name a few things you will be learning.

For you and your dog or puppy, learning about obedience should be fun and so with this in mind I will be setting up exercises and little work stations to practice in as well as bringing with me my weave poles, tunnel and box to have some fun with. These are pieces of dog agility equipment that will make your dog or puppy think, focus and follow your guidance whilst being stimulated doing the agility and rewarded by learning a new skill as well knowing you are pleased and thrilled with them.

All of the class will be on lead whether it is on a short walking lead or a long training line as the idea is to actually achieve each thing you are asking for and setting yourself up to achieve it in the first place will see great results. You will still be in a social setting with other dogs and people present.

There will be a limit of people per class so that we can all maintain a respectful, safe social distance and please bring with you a short walking lead, a long training line, a few treats ( these must be in a proper training pouch not just in you pocket please so none can just fall on the floor and be a distraction to others ) , a soft toy ( some dogs or puppies prefer a toy as a reward instead of food and that is absolutely fine ), Poo bags and on the first session proof of all up to date vaccinations ( this can be a photocopy if need be ).

This course is for any dogs ‘ or puppies’ who have already completed a basic puppy course and have some level of training in place. It does not have to have been my puppy course by the way.

Please aim to be one person per dog or puppy but I understand that it may be necessary for children to be present so please discuss with me first as I do not have a problem with a child attending or even handling the family dog or puppy within reason alright.

If you have any questions regarding the training course please just ask me through txt or email and I will reply as soon as a can. I have hand gel available.

Please arrive at least 5 mins before the session starts at 7 pm and wait out at the front of the bungalow as I will come round and let you in to through the side of the garden. Whilst waiting please do not allow your dogs’ or puppies’ to jump all over anyone else’s or any people and any poo bags must be taken away and disposed of please.


70-80 Port Road

New Duston