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Dog Agility

Dog Agility

Dog Agility is starting again from Tuesday 3 rd May 2022.

Dog Agility is so much fun for the owner as well as your dogs and it is so rewarding to see the bond develop between the owner and dog as you learn to navigate around the course of Agility equipment. It is great for the whole family and children also can take part or be the main trainer so long as an adult is present to watch.

Learning how to deal with each piece of equipment encourages your dog to pay attention to you and look to you for guidance because although they may think they know the best way round the course or just want to jump everything in sight actually it is you , the owner , who is guiding them around in the correct order. It is always a fun action packed hour session with a lot of laughs along the way. Everyone becomes so supportive of each other during the sessions and egging each other on to do well.

I have jumps, various tunnels, weave poles, a dog walk and an A frame so when all put together makes an interesting course. It takes time to learn how to safely send your dog over, through and around all the pieces of equipment and I have a loyalty card so that when you have filled all the stamps on the card you next visit is a free go.

It will be held in the very large garden which is enclosed safely with fencing so that you can be sure in the knowledge that your dog can be off lead when under control and have learnt all the equipment and will be totally safe. The address is at the bottom of this page.

Please contact me in order to book as I will have to have a limit on numbers of 8 per session in order to be able to have safe social distance allowances . I have gazebos in place so that should the weather be too hot or start to rain everyone can get under cover safely and also stand and watch the whole course when someone is having their turn around the course.

For now please only be one person per dog unless accompanying a child and would you mind bringing poo bags with you . I don’t use lots of treats but if your dog is food driven please bring a few treats in an closed treat pouch so that none can fall out on the ground and become a distraction for others.

I would also ask that you please monitor your dogs and if you feel you may have come into contact with anything such as Kennel Cough or sickness and diarohhea please miss a session out of respect for everyone. Obviously we all wish everyones’ dogs to be healthy and well at all times.

Should the weather on the day of your session look unfavourable please contact me to check the session is still running before turning up. I have everyones safety in mind and grass when wet is very slippy alright.

Introductory Session

If you have not attended my Agility class before then you will be required to do an introductory half hour private session first before being able to attend a class. This is so that you can have a go first to see if you and your dog enjoys Agility but also so that I can show you the basics so that you can then comfortably join in a class and be able to do some of the pieces straight away. Everyone is learning all the time and each class usually rather fun with people having varying success and it is supposed to be great fun.

Please be honest when contacting me as I will ask if your dog is reactive. Whilst this is a good way for reactive dogs to learn to relax with others in some cases it is all to overwhelming for them and at the introductory session I will be evaluating your dog and I reserve the right to be honest with you and advise if I feel that it would not be possible to join the class. I would be happy to work with you to help the situation and then when your dog is more comfortable you could of course then join in the class. After all it is about trying to get you and your dog to the stage where they can happily join in with things and if it simply means some other training first then it would be of benefit. I hope you understand and please contact me to discuss anything alright.

Agility Session Times

I will make more sessions available should demand for sessions become apparent.

Tuesday 6 – 7 pm

Please try to bring the correct amount of money with you to pay at the time of the session and I will issue you with your loyalty card on your first visit.

Please come through the wooden gates at the top of the drive and there is plenty of space to park on hard standing. Please have your dog’s on leads until I have said they may be off lead. Many thanks and hope to see you soon .


70-80 Port Road

New Duston