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Children’s summer holiday course

Children’s Summer Holiday Course

Price £60 for three one hour sessions

Are you looking for something for your children to do in the summer holidays, as I am offering a course designed for children to learn with their dog or puppy.

The course will show your children how to handle the family dog or puppy safely in the home as well as out on a walk in a social setting. There will be obedience tasks to learn , how to ask your dog or puppy to walk nicely with your child , how to play safely and how to meet and greet others.

Also it is important for your children to learn things about their dog or puppy in order to be aware of how their family pet is coping with things in different settings so that they might notice something and be able to tell you about it. Learning how to groom and towel dry and when to give treats or toys and how to take something off the family pet is valuable knowledge.

I shall also be putting out some of my agility equipment for them to do and practice on.

There will be a limit on numbers attending so please contact me in order to put your name on the list and then I will be able to notify you of available times and dates. I will be asking everyone when is the best time as I am aware there are so many other things you all wish to do as a family and holidays away need to be considered of course.

As for ages I would be happy to take children from the age of 6 and up to 16 years of age. Children under the age of 12 would need to be supervised with one adult family member please.

Puppies need to have attended a puppy course already , be fully vaccinated, wormed and flea treated please. It does not need to have been my puppy course alright. If they are under the age of 6 months, when it comes to the jump aspect of the agility course, they may learn how to cope with the jump by accepting the space between the jump wings and the pole will be laid on the floor so they walk over it and do not jump. I appreciate they may well be jumping on and off the sofa at home but it comes down to safety and taking care of their joints and muscles alright.

I welcome anyone bringing a pad and pen in order to write things down as there will be time in each session for questions and to write things down. Parents are welcome to do this bit if need be. This is supposed to be so that children can feel part of the family unit and part of their dog’s or puppies training and encourages them to take a part in the care of their family pet.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.

I will aim to have each session on the same day and time of each week for the 3 sessions. If there is a lot of interest I will run several courses so that everyone can take part. I will post the dates and times on this page as they are arranged. This is only held through the summer holidays and please do contact me even if it is the day before the first session of any course as there may well still be availability alright.

It is held at my home in an extremely large totally enclosed garden so there can be no escapees and you know that your children and dog’s or puppies will be very safe here. There is a toilet that can be used for humans and have hand gel available as well as spare leads, collars or toys. Please only bring a short normal walking lead which can be to a collar or a harness but not an extendable lead. I do not use mountains of treats as there are other rewards to use which you will all be learning about so please put any treats in a plastic bag kept in a pocket to help avoid distraction.

Dates and times will be posted here


£60 for the whole 3 session course.


70 – 80 Port Road

New Duston