Hounds at Home

Walking on Lead

If you’re having trouble walking your dog on the lead and going out for a pleasant clam walk, please give me a call. I can show you how to ask your dog to walk out with you by your side, without launching off after other dogs, people, squirrels, birds or anything else that has become a trigger for them.

It can be so frustrating, as all you want to do, is go out with your dog and be able to let them off in a safe place to have a good play with a ball or toy. The problem is you dare not let your dog off the lead, as they may react to another dog, animal or human or even disappear over the horizon.

When I meet you and your dog and show you how I ask a dog to walk with me, you will have plenty of time to practice the technique without lots of distractions. Once you’re comfortable, we can take your dog out for a walk where you are having the issues, so we can work on those.

Please tell me as much as you can when you ring, so I already have a fair idea of your circumstances before I arrive. This means we can get on working with you and your dog much more quickly.

I will work at your pace and if you would prefer to do one session at a time, then that’s fine. So please let me know how you feel and how you’d like to proceed.

I cover the Northampton area although depending on the distance there may be a travel charge at the normal rates.

Please call to discuss your requirements.