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Are you struggling to find a course that is not booked up and is at a time that you can commit to for up to 6 weeks plus ? I know it is difficult to find the time for a whole course so I am offering a one to one session for an hour at a time at your home at your convenience.  This is an extremely popular course and I have condensed what would be the five  week course into three one hour sessions as I am working with only you and can give you more time and attention  than you would get in a class of others. Everything starts from the home anyway so off to a good start already.

The sessions will be an hour long and the full course price is paid at the time of booking by bank transfer.

Socialisation is not  just about meeting lots of other puppies it means introducing them to literally anything you can think of  like cows, sheep, horses, cars, bicycles, cats, other dogs, places and sounds to name a few. I will show you how to safely introduce your puppy to all of these things and then you can get on and go out and about with confidence. You will meet other puppies and dogs once you are out and about. We will be going out for a walk within our  second session so we can practice the techniques that I show you.

Topics Covered.

There are so many aspects of puppy training but this  will also give you the knowledge  required to continue training your dog right through into their adult life .  The following topics will all be covered;-

1. Recognition of Basic Health Problems
2. Socialisation
3. House Training
4. Teething and Chewing
5. Seperation Anxiety
6. Health protection-Flea, Worming, Inoculations
7. Obedience- Recall, Sit, Stay, Down, Stand
8. Walking on lead in a controlled manner and intro to long lead training
9. Good Ownership Knowledge- public places etiquette, poop and scoop, collar, lead, and ID disc and manners
10. Meet and Greet
11. Coping with noises- fireworks, brass bands etc
12. Vet check and Grooming
13. Gate control
14. How to play with your puppy , releasing an article/toy
15. Food manners at home and taking a treat
16. Vehicle control- learn how to get in and out of the car, how best to travel your puppy
17. Importance of walks and what you do on your walks
18. Recall from distractions
19. Road Traffic Awareness
20. 1st Aid for Dogs information

I am a fully qualified 1st Aider for Dogs and will show you some basic 1st Aid that you can use, but don’t worry I will give you time  so you can jot things down !

There are No Stupid Questions so please just ask them.
Socialisation is vital so your puppy gets accustomed to meeting other puppies, and humans too of course, and in the correct manner! I will show you how to do this safely for whatever the situation happens to be.

We should be having fun whilst learning  but training does not stop there as everything you have learnt you can take and apply as your puppy matures into an adult. Don’t expect your puppy to train, remember everything and be a perfect angel. It’s up to you to keep coaching the correct behaviours.
Practice makes perfect and consistency from your whole family will ensure a strong bond between you all with respect and trust that should last a lifetime. If you put the effort in now you will reap the rewards for the rest of your dogs’ life.

I would need to see your puppies’ vaccination record.

Other members of the family are very welcome to join the sessions either to watch or participate.
Please make sure that you have some treats with you for your puppy, broken up into very small pieces, to use whilst training although they will be used sparingly.

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