Hounds at Home


Please read all the terms and conditions on this page.

In the Home Training

£50 an hour –  ( second dog or more  is £25 each added on ) Payment must be made in full at the time of booking .  *

Puppy Course

One to one sessions. This is a private puppy training course and the price is for  3 sessions an hour for each session  at £30 per session  so total for the course is £90 

( second puppy is £15 per session added on ) £45 total for second puppy.

The £90 course price must be paid in full  by bank transfer at the time of booking along with any  applicable travel charges.  *

Walking on the lead

£40 an hour – ( second dog is £20 added on ) *

Payment must be made in full at the time of booking.

Fun Gundog Training

£30 one hour session either at your home or mine  -(Second dog is £15 added on )

£15 1/2 hr session either at your home or mine – ( second dog is £7.50 added on )

Payment must be made in full at the time of booking.

Terms and Conditions.

A second dog in the family will also be charged as I will not just have to work with one dog through the training as the circumstances impact on all the dogs in the family. I thought it a fair price for the second dog to be half price.

*An aggressive dog/puppy that has bitten other animals or humans carries a greater risk and therefore  behavioural training will be charged at a greater rate accordingly . Please declare honestly what level your dog reacts to when organising training as I will have to charge you extra at the time of  the visit if the dog/puppy displays aggressive behaviour. I may choose to end the session immediately with no refund should I arrive to find that your dog is aggressive and you have not told me the truth about the level of reactivity . I would have approached the session in an entirely different manner if I had had all the information and been prepared.

Please note that if you are more than 5 miles away from my postcode then there is a travel charge to be added on . The rate is 45 pence per mile.

Payment for any training should be made at the time of booking and by bank transfer. I will txt you with my bank details in order to make the payment.


All payments are non refundable. Should there be extenuating circumstances please notify me so that we can re book your session.

I understand should you or someone in the family or your pet become ill and unable to train,  I will happily alter your training session for you for when you are able to train again. This happens fairly often so I am used to changing my week about to cater for everyone. I would like to think that should I become ill the same understanding and courtesy is shown to me as I will of course notify you if I am unable to attend a session for whatever reason and attempt to re book you for the earliest possible free appointment time that suits . Thank you for your understanding.

I reserve the right to re organise a session if I feel the weather is too hot or unfavourable to do a training session as my priority remains with the dog or puppy and it’s health and well being.

I reserve the right to leave a training session at any point should I feel concerned for my welfare as there is a zero tolerance policy of aggression, abuse, violence, hate or anti social behaviour.

It is at my discretion as to whether a refund my be applicable.

Please call 07793-889736 or click “Book Now” to reserve your place by e-mail.

Please call

Charlotte – 07793 889736