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I will show you how to tap in to your dog’s natural instincts so that you and your dog can enjoy some mental thinking when out and about. This will mentally tire your dog as well as physically and you are also allowing your dog to work those natural abilities that they were born to do.

This will be done as a fun exercise as this is purely geared to simply have some fun with your dog and not for any competion level.

You will learn how to ask your dog to sit and wait whilst you throw the dummy out or place it so as to make your dog start learning to use its eyes and sense of smell to locate the dummy wether it is in plain sight or if it has fallen into rough overgrown ground.

You will work with your dog to coach them how to search out the dummy until they have got the hang of it and then you can build up the distance and difficulty level . You will also learn how get your dog to walk to heel and be responsive and under control out at a distance.

Building up the distance between yourself and your dog when you have placed your dog and asked for a wait and then releasing your dog to go and find the dummy will also be another lesson to learn along with the whistle commands.

I can come to you or you can come to me and work in the extensive garden here. If you come to me I can do a half hour session but coming to you would be an hour session to warrant the travelling alright.

Please make sure that you have a suitable collar and lead with an up to date ID tag , Poop bags, treats and a whistle ( An Acme 210 1/2 is a good suggestion . )
I am not running a course because everyone works at a different pace and I will work with you giving you the next chunk of learning as you progress and ready to move on . Working with you individually gives you my full attention and when learning all this it is of benefit to you and your dog to have the least amount of distractions around so you can achieve more things quickly. As you progress then you will add the distractions in order to increase the difficulty level.

I will accept responsible children from 10 yrs upwards to train but they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for the entire session and at any any point I retain the right to request the parent or guardian to take over the training should this be required.

Please contact me with any questions you may have and hope to hear from you soon.