Hounds at Home


Dog Training area

You and your  dog will be able to train at the bungalow where I live in Duston , Northampton. There are extensive gardens all round the bungalow, but I have put in fencing to make sure that your dog is safe at all times at the back of the bungalow and away from the drive and any cars that may be arriving.

I still have my dog agility equipment and  when the weather allows I can put it out on the lawn for some extra training and a bit of fun . Even if you have come for Gundog Training it can still be an obstacle for you and your dog to work with.

The large rear garden is made up of a large lawn with borders of pine trees on a bank so there is plenty of space to explore!

This is also great cover for practicing retreiving from as not everything lands in plain sight for your dog to find and makes them use their nose more too.

Water bowls are placed in convenient places and there is shade in the garden for those hot days!