Hounds at Home

About Me

Hello, my name is Charlie 

I have always had an affinity with animals, having grown up in Duston , Northampton with my Grandfather’s Dalmatian. Having learned to ride at the age of 3 and having owned cats and horses, I  have one collie one aged 6 yrs  old.

I have had three collies and just recently lost the two oldest aged 15 and nearly 16 yrs old. My collies have inspired me to show people how they too can have a fantastic relationship with their dogs, earning trust and respect through learning how dogs perceive things, acknowledging the particular attributes of the breed and challenging their dog both mentally and physically.

Having studied a Small Animal Care Course at Moulton College in Northampton, many years ago and achieving a Distinction, I worked for a veterinary practice as a nurse which I found to be extremely rewarding. This has armed me with the knowledge regarding the health of dogs. Realising how much I enjoy learning, I studied dog behaviour and psychology and completed a 1st Aid for Dogs Course at Hawksmoor Veterinary College in 2012 and I’ve just completed the 1st Aid for Dogs course again in 2018 as per the regulations. This course has allowed me to learn more about the anatomy and physiology of the dog and to assist dogs in an emergency situation.

Over the years I expanded my experience by offering help with Puppy Classes, designing lesson plans, courses and rehabilitating two dogs. I took them into my home, showing them how to interact with other dogs and humans and that life can be fun and fulfilling when they are given plenty of exercise off the lead and mental stimulation in the form of games and learning.

Whilst rehabilitating the two dogs I learnt how and why they react the way they do to certain stimuli and the fact that all dogs are of course completely different characters and require a different approach to help them overcome their issues. I feel this sets me apart from most traditional forms of dog training, as I opt for the most effective way in accordance to each individual dog, as I don’t apply only one method to achieve the desired results.

I’ve helped owners in their own home with their dog’s behavioural issues, teaching them how to ask their dog to walk correctly on the lead and introduced them to some basic fun gundog games, along with my own dog agility classes. Once I worked with the dogs and achieved the correct behaviour, I then explained the dog’s behaviour to the owner and the methods that worked with their particular dog. I coached them carefully until the owners were comfortable working with their dog, to ensure the trust and respect remains strong.

This means the lessons could be put it into practice whenever it may be required without the need for having to call me. Seeing an owner and their dog achieve the level of mutual trust and respect that allows a harmonious bond between a family unit and their pet, is extremely rewarding and something that will continue to make my work that bit extra special.

I always wanted to do dog agility with my two collies and found existing clubs were always fully booked, so I started my own dog agility club which I ran for nearly two years. I can honestly say it was one of the most fun and rewarding times of my life. Having bought the tunnels and tyre jump, the rest of the equipment was handmade by my Father and myself to exact British Standards. It took some time, a fair bit of patience waiting for paint to dry and some learning, trust me… there are more ways than one to put rubber chips onto contact equipment! All in all, great fun though. I no longer teach dog agility due to personal circumstances, but I still come out to your home to help you with behaviourial issues, walking on the lead, gundog training or puppy training. All these can also be held at my home.

I enjoyed showing people how to get the best from their dog, whether I helped them with their dog’s behavioural issues, understanding how to coach their puppy or in my dog agility classes. Showing them how to get around the course, preferably in control of their dog! I believe everyone and their dogs are capable of learning new skills and in a manner which enforces positive training and is very rewarding.

I’m now concentrating on one to one sessions at your convenience at your home or mine and puppy training as  I love watching puppies learn and interact with their new owners and being able to give them such a good social start in life.

I look forward to seeing you soon.