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Welcome to Hounds at Home in Northamptonshire where I aim to offer you the best Dog Training, Puppy Classes and overall help with your dogs or puppies, covering all of Northamptonshire, Kettering, Wellingborough and Rushden for you and your dog. I will continue working within any guidelines or restrictions as they are updated. Please read the pricing page all the way down as there is important information that you should know. Thank you and hope to hear from you and meet you soon. Take care Charlie.

Email – charliewood01@btinternet.com

Phone – 07793889736

Puppy Course

I have listened to people who are struggling to find Puppy Classes that are not already booked up or at a time that they can get to. I am continuing to offer one to one Puppy Training sessions in your own home at your convenience as this seems to be extremely popular. I will give you all the information that you need tailor made to your requirements as you may already have a fair bit of knowledge or it may be your first puppy. Please look under the Dog Services on the Drop Down Menu and click on Puppy Course as this will give you all the information that I will be covering with you .


Just to let everyone know that having seen how many dogs and puppies have been stolen these last few months I will not be using Facebook anymore as it gives locations and out of respect and safety for my clients and their lovely dogs and puppies I would never put them in danger. I would just like to reassure all my clients that any photos will only be used on this website gallery which does not give out details. Stay safe and vigilant everyone.

Dogs are like children and pick up on stress which in turn brings out behaviours we then have to deal with so as much as for yourself and your dog to benefit please try to stay calm as everyone is now in the same boat and everyone has different situations to deal with.

Having taught Dog Agility and had a lot of success and fun I can give you a few fun things to do with your dog so please just give me a call on 07793 889736.

Because you are now home a lot with your dog please take care not to give them too many extra treats as they are not able to get the exercise to burn them off at the moment. They are used to you being away during the day so try not to let your dog follow you around everywherer or be in your company all day long as this is not their normal routine. The easiest thing is to put them in another room with a safe chew or toy to play with, the telly or radio on for a while so that they are not stressed.

Lots of shorter periods of interaction and play with your dog will be beneficial and keep you all active throughout the day and break the day up. When you go outside for your walk and exercise try to do a bit of basic training whilst out so that it is not just a physical walk round the block but you are mentally taxing them too which should help with them relaxing more when back at home. Ask for sit, down, stay , come , change directions suddenly or walk a different route if you can. Take some toys to throw in a safe place but please remember to keep your social distance and please don’t touch and fuss other dogs as this can pass the virus on and it is just respectful of yoursleves and others.

Enjoy your time with your family and your pets just be cautious and considerate. These are man’s best friend and it is fantastic that we have them in our lives but please do not take them for granted as they are living, thinking, sensitive creatures and deserve to be treated as such.

Love Charlie

I am leaving this here although this is now a coupe of years ago as I wish for people to know about my dogs and how much I love them all. They mean the whole world to me and will never ever be forgotten and always remembered with the greatest love and affection and admiration.

I am writing this with deep sadness at the loss of my gorgeous boy Livet. He was my dog agility demonstration dog and one of my best friends along with his sister and little Callie . He was 15 and a half years old and suffered a minor stroke which he would never have fully recovered from . He was aware something was now wrong and very worried which is something I would never allow for any of my animals. He is at peace now with his sister Tay and I still have little Callie. I have decided to no longer offer Dog boarding or Doggy Day Care due to the fact that Callie is very unsettled with dogs coming and going and my priority has to be her now. Also my grandmother has just turned 100 yrs old and the property where I live and have the dogs is where she lives. It is all a bit much now so I have chosen to focus on dog training and helping people with dog behaviourial problems and puppy classes instead now. I hope you all understand my choice. Thank you .

I have a well behaved intelligent, friendly, nearly, 8 yr old collie called Callie on the far left with the tan eyebrows. Livet , aged 15

and a half years, on the far right has just left this world to go and find his lovely sister Tay, who was 14 yrs old, in the centre of the photo who passed away over a year and half ago now but neither of them are never ever forgotten.

My methods are all based on positive training which I will teach you so that you can continue training with your dog. This will all be done at your pace and ask as many questions as you like.

Please click on the drop-down menu above to find more information.

My address is 70-80 Port Road, New Duston, Northampton NN5 6NL

I do hope to hear from you, so please email me if you have a question or give me a call as I am always happy to talk about dogs.




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Welcome to Hounds at Home in Northampton where I aim to offer you the best Dog Training, Puppy Classes and Sessions for you and your dog.

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I am offering puppy training at your convenience in your own home . Everything starts from the home and all the family can learn together . Please contact me if you would like to book ??

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Welcome to Hounds at Home in Northampton where I aim to offer you the best Dog Training, Puppy Classes and Sessions, Doggy Daycare and Dog Boarding, for you and your dog.

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Puppy classes at the Rec centre on a Friday evening 7-8 pm .
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